X-Ray Services in McLean, Virginia

Do you have a broken bone? Are you experiencing pneumonia symptoms? The physicians at McLean Immediate Care provide prompt medical care to identify the issue. Using our advanced X-ray imaging equipment, we accurately pinpoint the problem and provide treatment recommendations.

Our licensed and certified medical staff uses a state-of-the-art digital X-ray system to deliver fast, efficient, and high-quality images. We then submit them to radiologists by a HIPAA-compliant virtual private network to get a formal  interpretation. This allows you to receive a prompt review of your films by specialists. In addition, your X-ray images can be conveniently put on a CD if you need them.

State-of-the-Art Digital X-Ray System

By using a digital X-ray, we can transfer them electronically to qualified experts. They may be next door or hundreds of miles away. That’s the convenience of using this advanced system. In addition, digital X-rays are highly reliable and able to be modified for medical purposes. They are also much clearer, which means they identify anomalies and even the smallest fractures. We use digital X-rays for:

  • Sports Injuries
  • Auto Accidents
  • Routine Screenings
  • Chest & Abdominal Conditions

Fast Urgent Care X-Rays

Waiting in the emergency room is not an enjoyable experience. We have a much better solution for you. Allow our staff to see you quickly and provide urgent care X-rays when you need immediate care. After determining the problem, we quickly address your concerns and provide treatment. If we are unable to treat you here, we have a large network of specialists who can provide additional care.

See us for a digital X-ray if you think your child as a broken bone.

We have proudly served patients in McLean, Virginia, and the surrounding areas since 1987.