Examinations for DOT – INS – School – Pre-op in McLean, Virginia

Routine physicals are important for your health and overall wellbeing. The doctors at McLean Immediate Care provide comprehensive physical examinations in McLean, VA.  We offer routine and annual physicals for adults and school physicals for children. Whether you are completely healthy or you have preexisting conditions, you can trust our physicians to provide thorough checkup. We offer the following services at our clinic:
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  • Routine & Annual Checkups
  • Pre-Employment Exams
  • School, Camp, & Sports Physicals
  • Female Exams & Pap Smears
  • Male Exams
  • DOT & CDL Driver Physicals
  • Citizenship & Immigration (USCIS) Medical Exams
  • Examinations for Visa Applications
  • Examinations for Adoption
  • Examinations for Insurance
  • Pre-Op Exams & Testing before Surgery
  • Tuberculosis Screening

Sports & School Physicals

Ensure that your child is healthy and ready to go back to school. School physicals are important to ensure your child is strong and healthy as well as ready for any sports-related activity.  Physical examinations build a medical history and baseline, which is needed as your child grows. In addition, these exams offer opportunities to address important question with teenagers, such as drinking, smoking, drugs, sexual activity, and mental health issues.

Immigration USCIS Medical Exams

Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record USCIS Form I-693

If you are not a United States citizen, physical examinations are required for adjustment of status cases, USCIS Form I-485. The purpose of USCIS medical exams is to determine if you have health conditions that affect your status in the United States. However, we also provide treatment and immunizations for health conditions that are admissible.  After the examination, we supply the documentation needed to complete your adjustment of status.

Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions USCIS Form N-648

We also can evaluate for disability exceptions for immigration examinations, when appropriate.

Contact us or visit our medical clinic if you need a physical examination. We have proudly served patients in McLean, Virginia, and the surrounding areas since 1987.